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Only one Earth

“Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature”

About Us

At Innocent Bags our bags are just that - innocent, we are on a mission to bring our eco-friendly bags to the world and reduce the use of SINGLE USE plastic bags in all industries ranging from fashion, food, drinks and more.

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road to ZERO

At Innocent Bags we are committed to reducing the vast amount of plastics that cause severe damage to our planet and wildlife. We believe there is a better way – a viable solution that helps our environment, not just for now, but more importantly for our children and their children in the future…


Committed to

The Key Drivers of Sustainability in the Innocent Bags

“We believe our commitment to sustainability has played an important role in making Innocent Bags a player in the market. Eco-friendly products continue to be a key growth driver for Innocent Bags.”

We Supply

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