About Us

At Innocent Bags our bags are just that - innocent, we are on a mission to bring our eco-friendly bags to the world and reduce the use of plastic bags in all industries ranging from fashion, food, drinks and more.

We offer first class service to meet our clients customization demand for all kind of bags. Our custom eco-friendly bags can be adapted for a variety of uses such as promotion, enhance brand awareness, storage and packaging, but also used for fruits & vegetables, wine and much more.

We have a solid reputation awarded by our clients in various countries due to good quality, attractive design, highly competitive price, fast scheduling with a warm service.

We are based in the UK with our manufacturing factory in Cambodia (Lambert Textiles). The factory has adapted the internationally recognized ISO9001 management system as well as certification in SEDEX, ensuring that every custom printed bag is made with the highest quality standards. Labour standards, ethics, health and safety practice and environmental awareness are the business components we will not compromise on. It matters to us that the people we work with are happy in their jobs. That reassures us that we can deliver bags of the highest quality and in the right way.